Apostolic Bible Study Course

                      Apostolic Bible Study Course                 

Welcome to FLC's  "Apostolic Bible Study Course".

This course is designed to further your study into the original apostles teachings.

It will require you being a motivated self-starter, exhibiting determination and a sacrifice of your time and resources to complete but it is a small price to pay to grow in your walk with God and prepare yourself with additional knowledge to walk with God in greater holiness and excellence!

NOTE: This course is administered mostly on the honor system, meaning that when you turn in your request for your certificate of completion, that you have, before God, completed each part of the course thoroughly and completely.

This course is self-paced so that you can systematically work thru each step slowly and methodically to absorb the teachings.  Make notes as you go and reflect on each new item so that God's Truths are better written upon your heart.

Invest in your walk with God…..It will pay dividends that are “Out Of This World!”


Pastor Baskin & FLC Family


1) Although you do not feel your call to a pulpit preaching ministry, the lessons taught in this course are very good fundamental teaching for all and you can glean many great things for your walk with God from it.

Complete all of the LYM course on Ministry Central:



2) Watch "Exploring God's Word"   12 lesson video series


  * Follow this link to a PowerPoint that corresponds with each of the Exploring God's Word video series above:



3) Read the following Books.....***NOTE: to receive your certificate of course completion, you will be required to turn in a minimum of a one page chapter summary of each book demonstrating what you learned in each chapter.

  • The New Birth by David Bernard:



  • Practical Holiness A Second Look by David Bernard:



  • The Oneness Of God by David Bernard:



4) Watch all of “The Process of Holiness” videos 1 - 9 by Carla Burton:



5) Watch “Hair Authority” by Kim Haney concerning women’s uncut hair:



6) Watch all of the “Overcoming Offenses” videos 1 – 6 by Carla Burton:



7) Complete the reading of the following books of the Bible:

  1. Genesis
  2. Psalm
  3. Proverbs
  4. Ecclesiastes
  5. Matthew
  6. John
  7. Acts
  8. Revelation



You have invested your time, energy and resources to complete this course!  You have made an eternal investment in going deeper into God's Word that will pay many dividends in your walk with God!  God Bless You!